Lachlan MacLeod

Performing Artist, Musician

Lachlan is an actor, singer/songwriter and puppeteer from Melbourne who has worked with Polyglot since 2008. In his time with the company, he has performed in the large-scale, interactive Play Space works Tangle, We Built This City, Sticky Maze, Paper Planet, Boats and Ants; toured throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the United States of America; wrestled with the unruly roving puppet acts of Tooth & Claw, Madame Bustle and The Wild Things; and performed in Muckheap, both in the United States of America and across Australia.

In 2016, Lachlan became Project Director of Polyglot’s Voice Lab, an interactive sensory experience that captures children’s unadulterated opinions on life’s big questions.

In the moments in between, Lachlan films, edits and composes the music for various Polyglot videos. Is there anything that this man can’t do?

When he’s not jet-setting around the world with Polyglot entertaining children, Lachlan is performing throughout Australia in the Phunktional Arts Company school and community touring productions Love Drunk and Who Stole the Sole. These works tour to cities, remote communities, and at-risk communities.

Lachlan has written songs for local and international touring theatre productions, produced five full-length original musical-comedy Christmas albums, toured as a musician to the United States of America, Singapore and Korea, and had his musical compositions performed at leading Australian venues such as the Sydney Opera House, and Hamer Hall in Melbourne.

In 2015, Lachlan worked as part of an eight-man puppetry ensemble that brought a five- and-a-half metre puppet to life at the Cricket World Cup, under the direction of King Kong director Peter Wilson.

In 2016, Lachlan was involved in the development and performance of A Moon Safari By Steam Bicycle with the Academy Award nominated filmmaker Anthony Lucas.

In the same year, he also worked as a puppeteer on the second season of No Strings Attached – a web-series that uses puppets to narrate real-life disaster interviews. It was screened on iView (Australian Broadcasting Corporation), and NBC Universal in the United States of America.