Mischa Long

Performing Artist, Designer

Mischa has been with Polyglot since 1996, starting out working on sets and props before moving into puppetry, performing and touring in shows such as Tadpole, Almost A Dinosaur and Checkout. In 2000 he relocated to the United Kingdom, building large scale sets and living in London and Bristol, developing and honing the skills he would then transfer to the wonderfully malleable medium of cardboard upon his return.

Working closely with Sue Giles and the Polyglot artistic team, his focus shifted to the development, design and installation of shows such as We Built This City, Sticky Maze and most recently Paper Planet. As well as performing in the shows, he creates the entrances, layouts and looks of these shows, often working in collaboration with local artists as well as the Polyglot team. He has toured to the UK, USA, Korea, China and Taiwan.

In 2013 he worked on We Built This Town, Polyglot’s community project in the tsunami affected town of Minamisanriku in Japan, where an ocean of cardboard islands was created to showcase the work created by the community, an amazing project of renewal and creative expression. He is also an Art teacher, puppet maker, painter and tinkerer and is most content making things and playing with materials.