Sylvie Meltzer

Performing Artist, Workshop Facilitator

Sylvie is a teaching artist, workshop facilitator and performer with a particular focus on participant-led and devised theatre, community theatre, visual arts, filmmaking and photography. Originally from a tiny town in country Victoria she has been teaching Creative Arts and Performance to children across the globe since 2006 – mostly in India and China – to create performances, create exhibitions and run workshops that foster relevant and meaningful conversations to be taken out into everyday life.

She is passionate about collaboration and working with children from different cultural backgrounds to use performance to communicate with each other, work together at a common goal, and create something bigger than themselves that is also made from part of them. She loves working with pretty much nothing to make seriously something.

Sylvie spent eight years living and working for Hua Mao International Group in Ningbo, China where she built an Art and Drama Curriculum for their specialised Bilingual Program, developed teacher training models and workshops, designed large scale performances with hundreds of students and coordinated a variety of school and community based theatre, art and film projects within Hua Mao and the outside community. Since relocating back to Melbourne in 2015 she has had a baby, finished her Masters in Applied Theatre and Drama Education and has loved joining the Polyglot team for 5678 Film Club, Mahogany Rise school residencies, Clippy, Feast, Paper Planet and Voice Lab.