Katherine Fyffe

Executive Director/co-CEO

A headshot of a woman with dark, shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and fair skin. She is smiling into the camera. She wears a royal blue shirt, and there is a grey background behind her.

Previously Polyglot’s General Manager for three years, Kath took up the role of Executive Director co-CEO in November 2020. Kath’s experience spans nineteen years as an arts leader, producer and general manager, including thirteen years co-leading Adelaide’s experimental theatre collective, The Border Project.

She has also previously held a variety of management roles including Executive Producer at Shaun Parker & Company, Business Manager at Theatre Network Australia and Operations Administrator at Melbourne Festival.

Trained as an actor at Flinders University in South Australia, Kath’s recent creative projects include: writer/co-creator of Beep for Windmill Performing Arts, writer of Ghosts, Toast and the Things Unsaid for Sandpit and Google Creative Lab, and co-creation and performance in a multitude of The Border Project’s works.