Allegra and the Ants…

Allegra Caleo is the 10 year-old daughter of Polyglot’s Executive Producer, Tamara Harrison.

As part of the extended Polyglot family, Allegra is often informally engaged with the company as an adviser, test subject and audience member on works in development or presentations. She is one of the founding members of Polyglot’s PUPS group (Polyglot Underage People’s Society) – an informal group of children of Polyglot staff, artists and donors who meet a few times a year to test out ideas with Sue Giles and the artistic team.

Allegra recently travelled to Europe with Tamara to the ASSITEJ (International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People) conference in Warsaw and then on to London. But instead of a holiday, Allegra was out in the field, as our critic on the ground providing insight into the new work she was seeing. We asked Allegra about her trip.

Allegra, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m in year five, I play violin and I’ve just been to Europe.

Tell us about your experience at ASSITEJ in Poland?

There were a lot of general assemblies but they weren’t boring because I was working on the computer sometimes, though I found the talks interesting. We saw a lot of performances for kids from around the world. I helped the team get ready for Polyglot’s Ants performance – we did warm ups with the Polish performers and I helped stuff the breadcrumbs.

Polyglot took the work Ants over to Poland, working with Polish performers. How was the work received by the Polish kids?

I think the kids liked the idea of making the patterns [with the ants’ ‘crumbs’] and got really excited about the ants. I remember when the Ants’ actors had got dressed for the first time and went to look at themselves, everyone who saw them either laughed or ran away scared.

When you were in London you saw a few shows. What was your favourite or the most memorable and why?

I liked all of them a lot but the best two were Roald Dahl’s, Matilda the Musical and Lundahl and Seitl’s Symphony of a Missing Room. I liked Matilda a lot because I like musicals and the set was really cool. I loved Symphony of a Missing Room for lots of reasons. One way because you had a mask on so you couldn’t see so you had to imagine – it was great!

And for Polyglot’s Circle, we’re interested to know what do you think about philanthropy and sharing?

I think philanthropy and sharing are good things. Sharing helps you make friends, and helps other people do things.