Artistic Showcase

“It made you think deeply at little things.” Audience member, aged 10, on Ants

Polyglot’s work is eclectic and multi-disciplinary. We make Play Spaces that occupy and activate public space with child energy, Immersive Theatre experiences where the children and adults are deeply involved in the dramaturgy of the work, and Kids Collaborations where new works are made with children, on different scales, using many art forms, and created from the child’s world view. Below are examples of new works by Polyglot Theatre that will premiere in 2022. 


A Bees production photo. Three Polyglot artists, wearing intricate bee costumes, are arranged on or around a large metal pipe. Children sit on the pipe amongst them, looking at them.

Bees is a new Play Space work that offers a fun and intriguing participatory experience for children and families. Born out of the Generator, creative development commenced via Zoom in 2020, during the height of Melbourne’s lockdown. Further in-person development took place in the first half of 2021. COVID-19 requirements were considered from the outset, and Bees is an artistic, playful response to our new ‘normal’. It supports Polyglot’s readiness to return to live performance and in-person engagement with children and families.

Photo by Theresa Harrison

Parked (working title)

A Parked creative development production photo. An adult and child stand together amidst green foliage illuminated by theatre lighting.

A collaboration between Polyglot Theatre (Aus) and Oily Cart (UK)

Enter a world of rustling plants, plants that hang, plants that move, that open vista after vista around you. You are at the centre. You are in control.

Polyglot Theatre and Oily Cart (UK) are thrilled to be collaborating, across time and distance, on a project that uses nature and landscape to explore ideas of freedom and power. The central point of view for the creation of the work is of disabled children who experience the most barriers to access. Through creative development with schools and families, we will create a universally accessible, sensory, immersive arts experience with sustainability at its heart.

Commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne for major arts and disability festival Alter State, Parked (working title) is supported by the UK/Australia Season Patrons Board, the British Council and the Australian Government as part of the UK/Australia Season. It has also received additional support from the Cassandra Gantner Foundation, State Trustees Australia Foundation, the Prescott Family Foundation, ArtPlay and Arts Council England.

Photo by Carla Gottgens

Pram People

A Pram People creative development photo. Three Polyglot artists, dressed in casual street clothes, crouch or stand with three prams in a grey concrete courtyard.

Pram People is a new Play Space work using the ubiquitous and necessary baby pram to create large scale visual beauty in public spaces.

Wearing headphones to hear choreographic suggestions from children, parents pushing prams will dance, weave and interact with each other and the landscape. We play with power and trust, with the vulnerability of new parents and the relationship between child as instructor and parent as follower. Hilarious, serious and surprisingly moving – Pram People activates public spaces, reclaiming the pram as an asset to public art, rather than a liability.

Polyglot works alongside esteemed choreographer Martin del Amo, as well as children and families through The Venny in Kensington and local schools.

Pram People is supported by the Restart Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund – an Australian Government initiative, and the City of Melbourne Arts and Creative Investment Partnership fund. 

Photo by Sam Osborn Rassaby