Children’s Week 2018

Children’s Week is a national celebration in Australia of children’s rights, talents and citizenship. It focuses the attention of the wider community on children, their needs and achievements, and it is also a time for children to demonstrate their talents, skills and abilities.

At Polyglot we approach our work for and with children with curiosity, attention and respect. We know that as agents for cultural change, children can influence perceptions of place, space and art making. Our works show the power and capability of the child to an adult audience. Our vision is of a future where children are powerful: artistically, socially and culturally.

To kick off Children’s Week, on Monday 22 October Kids Thrive brought together 125 twelve-year-olds from across Victoria with artists and change-makers to develop the Kids’ Manifesto – calling out a vision for the future they want to see. At 2pm, these creative visionaries presented their Kids’ Manifesto at Arts Centre Melbourne to politicians, policymakers, community leaders, family and friends.

Polyglot’s General Manager Kath Fyffe shared her reflections from the event. “What a treat to attend Kids’ Manifesto today. Together with politicians, policy makers, educators and families, I heard from over 100 Victorian twelve-year-olds about what change they want for the future. It was inspiring to hear simple, articulate and impassioned ideas for improving cultural diversity, protecting animals and the environment, increasing access for all, and valuing our elders. I particularly loved the idea of establishing ANICARE, which is Medicare for animals, and a great message from a group declaring that boys want to get out of the “box of expectation.”

Perhaps the most empowering thing was for all these ideas to be heard by people with the power to make change at a government level. Each representative made a pledge to take the manifesto back to their community, and to make space for children’s voices when decisions are being made. Bring on the child-led change!”

Find out more about this Kids Thrive project and read the Kids’ Manifesto here. 

Polyglot Theatre is thrilled to be celebrating Children’s Week this year at the Experience Wyndham Children’s Week Picnic. Wyndham City is presenting our colourful work Tangle, and we can’t wait to climb, bounce and squeeze at Werribee Park on Sunday 28 October. We’d love to see you there – for more info, visit our calendar here.

Photograph: Theresa Harrison