Kids Collaborations

The heart of our community and schools collaborations beats in time with Polyglot’s core vision to empower children artistically, socially and culturally.

By creating original works for specific and diverse communities that responds to their direct experience means we can collaborate on a deeper level across services and sectors to build important life skills and address barriers to inclusion. The result is kids and their adults making high quality professional art that is visible and experienced in a wider community setting.

With all these projects we aim to create long term, artistically enriching, sustainable partnerships that leave a legacy with the artists and community with whom we work.

Our process of developing new work across our entire program invites children’s engagement in originating and testing ideas through our observation of behaviour and play, as well as through deliberate consultation. We do this in schools where we’ve nurtured long and trusting relationships over many years, and through special groups such as our PIPS (Polyglot Inspiring People’s Society) group of child advisors. Polyglot’s engagement with communities pulls our process into real practical outcomes with measurable social impact and importantly, into areas of new directorial and aesthetic exploration. Real revelations have occurred through this relationship: the impact of film and animation on communities, the impact of mass image in performance with 50 or more kids, the power of immediate and relevant spectacle to a whole community. Adults are implicit in these projects, making the intergenerational connection a vital part of the art created.

Kids Collaborations also include an inspiring in-school program where children are given room within an ever-increasingly crammed curriculum to stretch their ideas, play with freedom and develop confidence to forge their own creative paths through explorative and collaborative skill building and play. Engaging with multiple art forms, this program relies on trust and mutual respect between artists, teachers and children to take risks and be adventurous in developing original participatory works with and by kids for their families. Polyglot also offers professional development training workshops for tertiary students, teachers and service providers in early childhood.