Nina, Polyglot Correspondent

I went to a show called Separation Street. They didn’t call it Separation Street for nothing. First you get separated from your parents. You put on white suits. I felt like they were space suits. With paper strips and bubble wrap, we got to decorate our suits. My own made me feel like a school girl from a place no-one has ever been to. I had made a skirt and a bow for my hair but,I put it on my suit in the end. We went into a space ship and were asked to grab a bag. The space ship shook. I was scared but wondering ‘What was on the other side?’. The answer is, well, I’m not sure. It was dark, space men were walking around and little pebbles were all over the ground. I didn’t quite know what to do. I wrote my name with them and then decided to put them in my bag. The space men were writing the words “SOS”. Had they been there for a long time? I didn’t know, until they bought out televisions and we watched what was on them. I saw the space men surrounded by trees and stones and a tent. Then the trees went, the tent went and all I could see was an unhappy space man int he dark surrounded by pebbles. The space men took the TVs out and then tents appeared and a man was calling “Get in the tent!” so we did. We heard lightning and thunder and wind. We peeked out of the tents and the trees were there. The sun was shining. A man came and asked “Where am I?”. And all I can say is I don’t know.”