Bees is a brand-new Play Space work from Polyglot that offers a fun and intriguing participatory experience for children and families.

It explores a buzzing, humming hive of activity, as three human-sized bees busy themselves in the creation of a community alongside children who transform into bees as they play. The bees are fascinating, strange and beautiful, traversing invisible pathways and mapping delicate patterns across the performance space.

Inspired by the mysterious life and work of bees, this re-imagining of urban space involves the slow uncovering of an intricate unseen world. Bees uses ritual, non-verbal communication and the secret world of bee movement to provide a range of access points for children to participate.  The design of the work is universally accessible, and participation based on physical patternmaking seamlessly weaves physical distancing into the performance.

Bees is designed to be presented in a range of spaces and contexts, including outdoor festivals, parks and open courtyards, indoor theatre and museum foyers, and galleries.