Visibility and reality are blurred in an enchanting forest of sound in Bellbird.

Create your own playful soundtrack as you wander blindfolded among the hundreds of streaming ribbons, ringing the attached brass bells. Children and their families are guided carefully through the space, experiencing a sensation of vastness and delicious apprehension. Your senses are shifted upon entering this interactive musical installation and a whole new experience of the space is revealed through sound and touch.

At the centre of the experience, blindfolds are taken off to uncover the space in an entirely different way. Come in, and enter a dream world of the senses as you play this vast instrument.

2013-IMAGE-Great-Australian-Dream-Melbourne-Recital-Centre-Sarah-Walker (81) 1.5MB2013-IMAGE-Great-Australian-Dream-Melbourne-Recital-Centre-Sarah-Walker (104) 1.5MB 2013-IMAGE-Great-Australian-Dream-Melbourne-Recital-Centre-Sarah-Walker (78) 1.5MB

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