Boats is an adventurous play space for children of all ages, using colourful vessels to navigate urban seascapes.

At a central mooring place, large lightweight boats wait patiently for children’s imagination and energy. Once aboard, the boats are propelled by a flurry of feet, with kids working as a crew for their own voyage across the high seas. As the boats journey, Polyglot artists float as castaways to be rescued or as mysterious elements of the urban ocean. Together artists and children guide the boats to safe harbour ready for new crew and the next adventure!

Boats engages children in play that re-imagines the familiar and concrete into something unpredictable and fun.

Working with Polyglot Theatre

“Boats was very well received by our festival attendees and it was a delight to work with Polyglot Theatre again.”

Photography: Jason Lau, courtesy of Arts Centre Melbourne