Light Pickers

Light Pickers is born from the premise that small children are irresistibly drawn to sources of light.

Babies, toddlers, and their adults are gently invited to enter a dark space, following a path of light. Abstract, organic shapes, flexible and light to handle, fill this space above and below, infusing the darkness with light and sound. The young participants touch, move and interact with the objects, transforming the dark space into ever-changing, glowing scenery. With the children’s currents of creativity, the ebb and flow of the light picture shifts and changes throughout the session. Their exploration and play with the evolving tide of light and sound inspires fascination, wonder and fun.

Light Pickers sees the very young making choices that transform the space, giving meaning to an abstract scene. We see them navigate their way through the darkness as they play and connect with the light – a metaphor for hope and the power of creative minds.

The 2018 creative development of Light Pickers at ArtPlay was supported by the City of Melbourne. The 2019 season at Abbotsford Convent was supported by the City of Yarra.