Paper Planet

Paper Planet is a spectacular forest of tall cardboard trees that invites children and their adults to populate the world with fantastic paper creations.

Children’s imaginations go wild in a world made of paper. Towering cardboard trees are the starting point and from there, only paper, tape and nimble fingers are used to create a new planet. After exploring the space, families make creatures, vines and flowers, costumes and impossible constructions, populating the world around them. This is a durational installation that grows as the participants engage with performers and their own imaginative flights of fancy. Theatre and play merge as children discover a world of adventures in this magical forest.

Paper Planet is an experience that all ages find inspiring and utterly captivating.

Working with Polyglot Theatre

“For these unforgettable experiences you bring to our audiences and for all that you do to promote the art, the entire Children’s Festival owes you its thanks; thanks especially for your professionalism, your passion and enthusiasm.”

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