Sticky Maze

Sticky Maze is an energetic and visually wild experience that uses newspaper and sticky tape to create a huge maze.

Kids and families ‘colour in’ the sticky tape walls with strips of paper, quickly adding secret messages and cheeky directions to bewilder, amuse and delight all that are enticed to enter. In a surprisingly short time, the maze becomes a mass of misdirection and amusement with live music, fun tricksters and artful dodging from Polyglot’s performers.

2014-IMAGE-Sticky-Maze-Wheeler-Centre-Sarah-Walker (42) LR2014-IMAGE-Sticky-Maze-Wheeler-Centre-Sarah-Walker (76) LR 2014-IMAGE-Sticky-Maze-Body-Copy-640x425 (2) 2014-IMAGE-Sticky-Maze-Body-Copy-640x425 (5)