Polyglot at home

One way that we can stay connected, motivated and positive is online. We challenged our ingenious artists to come up with some fun things to do with stuff that’s probably already in your house. Don’t have kids? Don’t worry! These creative activities are for all ages (some kids may need a hand with things like scissors). Help us share the fun and video or photograph you and your family playing at home with Polyglot. Post it on your socials and mention or tag us so we can all stay connected. Home-bound hilarity – ACTIVATE.

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Header photo: Alvin Ho, courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


DO: what can you transform into using stuff from the recycling bin? Create and play with Polyglot artist Nick Barlow, with music by Lachlan MacLeod.



DO: what can you see through your binoculars? Create and play with Polyglot artist Ashlee Hughes, with music by Lachlan MacLeod.



WATCH: Charlotte has to move from the country to a new school in the city. It certainly feels weird on her first day… How can she stay there when it all feels so uncomfortable?

Nobody Nose
was created by kids, for kids, through 5678 Film Club. This Kids Collaborations project supported young people making the transition between primary and secondary school. Read more about the project here.


DO: Ever wanted to turn your house into another world? Well now you can with Paper Play Power Planet!


READ (parents): Creative activities are a great way to keep kids busy while they’re staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic, but filling every moment with activities is tough.


“VicHealth spoke to Sue Giles AM, the Vice President of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, and Artistic Director of Polyglot Theatre, about supporting kids to do creative activities while they’re stuck at home.”

Read this here.

DO: Arts Centre Melbourne curated a list of their top 5 family experiences for the school holidays.

“Created by our friends and collaborators, these wonderful activities by local artists are the perfect way to stay connected and kick your imagination into overdrive!”

Check these out here.

DO: what can you make with a window and some post-it notes? Create and play with our artist Nick Barlow, with music by Lachlan MacLeod.


WATCH: A frustrated artist accidentally travels through time in a rather bizarre way involving a toilet and a strange character with a moustache. Will she rediscover her inspiration?


WATCH: Quicker Than Lightning is a powerful music video created by the Moree Boomerangs kids through our Kids Collaboration project First On The Ladder.


DO – what will you build in your Box City? Create and play with Dolly and Sylvie, featuring music by Lachlan MacLeod, Maisie and Chester!


DO: feel like hiding away in a strange and exciting place? We have the perfect way to do that – put a box on your head! This isn’t just any box, it’s a super-sonic, intergalactic, planetary ROBOT HEAD. (And an exciting way to use any boxes leftover from your Box City!)


WATCH: Why is Troy being given money from strangers around the neighbourhood? His father and his friends are suspicious. What is his secret? ‘Hidden Secret’ was created by kids, for kids, through our Kids Collaborations project 5678 Film Club. 

DO: what does your dream house look like? Does it have a disco ball and a smoking chimney? What fabulous outfits are you and your family wearing? Create and play with Polyglot artist Ashlee Hughes, featuring music by Lachlan MacLeod!


DO: we think that if you have a hand, foot or mouth, you can draw! You don’t need special skills to be able to make wonderful and exciting creations. Give these activities a go – you might be surprised at what you can make! These are fun to do by yourself or with your family. 


WATCH: Because Of Her

In September 2018, First On The Ladder was thrilled to premiere Because Of Her – a film clip created with over 30 young people from Rumbalara Football Netball Club. They worked with artists including Philly, DRMNGNOW-Neil Morris, Amrita Hepi, Jonathan Homsey and Black Ant Films to create and record a song with accompanying dance and movement, and put it all together in a video clip. An incredible celebration of Rumbalara, it was so exciting to see Because Of Her take shape.

WATCH: Beware of the Slurps

A young person finds themselves in the strange and colorful world of their sugary drink, where they meet fantastical characters. But what happens when they don’t heed the warning signs? Beware of the Slurps was created by kids, for kids, through our Kids Collaboration project 5678 Film Club.

DO: using everyday objects we can make amazing and fantastical creatures! These can be funny or beautiful sculpture pieces or used to make a play. The best thing is that anything is possible.


WATCH: Dream Team

One sunny afternoon Nihal finds himself waiting for his friends at basketball practice. When no one turns up, he goes looking for them and discovers that they all have very strange reasons for not attending… Are they telling the truth? ‘Dream Team’ was created by 5678 Film Club in 2017.

DO: using a few simple materials, make your very own ‘Shadow Self’. What do they look like? What adventures will they go on? Create and play with Polyglot artist Nick Barlow, who also made the wonderful music in this video!


WATCH: a glimpse into the fabulous First On The Ladder fun at Rumbalara Football Netball Club on game days! Play workshops, radio broadcasting, live footy commentating – we had a great time in Shepp. 


DO: let’s go bonkers with colours and shapes!

You can create the most beautiful artworks with a bit of technique and chaos. Once you’ve finished, try framing your favourite part, put the whole thing on your wall, cut out shapes from it, or use it as the best wrapping paper and cards in the whole world. This activity works by yourself or with your whole family.

WATCH: Emotions

Transitioning from primary school to high school is a very personal experience. Students who are in Term 3 of Year 7 reminisce on some of the emotions that surfaced on their first day of high school and their journey through the year. ‘Emotions’ was created through Polyglot’s Kids Collaborations project 5678 Film Club.