Polyglot in Indonesia

Australian and Indonesian artists create a new theatre work for children

Polyglot Theatre returns to Indonesia this week to develop a new participatory theatre work in collaboration with Papermoon Theatre. This is the third time Polyglot and Papermoon have joined forces, combining their distinct styles and process around a shared artistic philosophy. This time, the collaboration will focus on creating a theatre experience for the very young.

Cerita Anak (Child’s Story) is the title of the piece, taking a child’s perspective of journeys at sea and striking at the heart of children’s part in migration and asylum. The process will happen in a fishing village in the North of Java – Lasem – where for centuries immigrant Chinese and Muslim families have lived and worked. Cerita Anak takes the central story of a child adrift in a boat in a large and puzzling world and creates a space where little children can engage with the story in different ways.  Cerita Anak is inspired by a child’s true tale of arrival at Christmas Island and thus to Australia by fishing boat, only a year ago.

Polyglot’s Sue Giles is joined by designer Anna Tregloan to work alongside Papermoon’s Maria Tri Sulistyani, Iwan Effendi and Anton Fajri.

Alongside this new work, Polyglot is developing a new play space for family engagement at Federation Square in June school holidays 2015. This work, called simply Boats, sends a dozen simple boats on a child-driven journey around the cobblestones of Fed Square. The playful interaction with urban space as an island-dotted seascape works with ideas of migration and adventure. With this physical play space, people of all ages will make paper boats of all kinds to add to a growing river of them that extends across the week-long season.

The symbol of a boat has so many meanings and stories surrounding community, country and culture. This project is one that links Indonesia and Australia – both island nations – with the common thread of migration and people moving about the world.  Our collaboration with Papermoon places children at the heart of our process who have a vital perspective on life and the ocean”  says Sue Giles, Polyglot Theatre’s Artistic Director.

Development of Cerita Anak is assisted by the Australia-Indonesia Institute. Boats is made possible by a commission from Federation Square.

Polyglot Theatre is Australia’s leading creator of contemporary participatory theatre experiences for children and families.

For further details see: http://www.polyglot.org.au/projects/international-collaboration/
For further information about Papermoon: http://www.papermoonpuppet.com/

Ceria Anak Development Stage 1

10 – 22 May 2015
Yogyakarta and Lasem, Indonesia
21 May – Showing in Kepek, Bantul

Federation Square presents Polyglot Theatre’s
Dates and Times  TBC
Main Square and Atrium

For further information: Catherine French | Polyglot Theatre | catherine@polyglot.org.au | + 61 3 9826 3301