Polyglot in Macau and Hong Kong


Polyglot Theatre’s renowned experiential theatre work for babies How High the Sky premieres internationally in Macau (23 – 26 July 2015) and Hong Kong (30 July – 2 August) to sold out seasons.

How High the Sky is an unforgettable theatre experience for adults and their pre-walking babies. Surrounded by soft lighting, streamers, floating balloons and a living, breathing soundscape of their own, babies introduce carers and onlookers to their free-flowing infant world. In this experiential encounter, adults push aside logic and labels to journey with these tiny guides back to an age where openness and innate curiosity are given free rein.  How High the Sky is an imaginative performance that is never the same twice.

“We are delighted by the opportunity to share Polyglot Theatre’s child focused philosophy with highly receptive Asian audiences who have great interest in baby-work. This tour builds from recent market development and touring in the South East Asia region, as well as in South Korea, Japan and China,” says Tamara Harrison, Polyglot Theatre’s Executive Producer.

Theatre for babies is in its infancy in Australia, though its history in Europe dates back a couple of decades, pioneered by children’s theatre companies such as Italy’s La Baracca and France’s Theâtre de la Guimbarde. Australia’s Polyglot Theatre, a children’s arts pioneer, spent three years studying parent-child behaviour to develop this engaging, participatory production for pre-walkers under 12 months. A special feature of the show is when carers briefly leave the performance area to allow the babies to explore on their own. Adults can observe them and start to understand how much about life there is to learn from the very, very young.

Polyglot Theatre’s Artistic Director Sue Giles says, “In How High the Sky, we recognise the Person, no matter how old they are and the validity of personal choice and response. By acknowledging the right to cultural experiences at every age, we are firmly placing children alongside adults and emphasising the need for value and recognition.”

Polyglot Theatre is a producer of creative, innovative experiences for children and families that engages independent artists in the global export of our creative industries. The company’s unique focus on children’s play as a theatrical device and the celebration of children’s creativity and energy, has positioned Polyglot as international leaders in contemporary theatre experiences for children.

In the last few months the company has toured to Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and across the USA.

See here for How High the Sky: http://www.polyglot.org.au/performances/how-high-the-sky/

Venue Website:
Macao Cultural Centre (23 – 26 July 2015)

Hong Kong International Arts Carnival (30 July – 2 August)

For further information: Catherine French | Polyglot Theatre | catherine@polyglot.org.au | + 61 3 9826 3301