Polyglot Theatre’s touring to regional Victorian schools with Sound of Drawing

Polyglot Theatre tours to Morwell in the Latrobe Valley from 9-11 April with Sound of Drawing as part of Regional Arts Victoria’s OnCall program for schools.

Sound of Drawing invites students to hear what they draw as an active introduction to visual art. Meeting with artists at a table that has been wired for sound, the students are guided through creative drawing exercises which when heard, impacts the desire line of their drawing. The sound of their pastel or crayon on the table is picked up by sensitive microphones and amplified, turning the physical action of drawing into a live soundscape.

The result is a large, shared drawing experience – all curves and squiggles and lines connected and shaded. Each drawing, a 6m length of Jackson-Pollock-eat-your-heart-out magnificence, is mounted in the space until the room is drenched in giant swathes of colour.

Sound of Drawing is a really fun, stimulating and challenging workshop taking students through a series of drawing exercises in both a solo and whole class context. We shift between students’ own space and community space in an exploration that ranges over many techniques and materials,” says Julie Wright, Polyglot Theatre’s Company Manager. “This workshop is excellent is focusing students, building their creative confidence and bringing understanding to their relationship with others.”

Sound of Drawing wonderfully challenges the perception of how art can be created and what art is.

Sound of Drawing
Venue:            Latrobe Regional Gallery, 138 Commercial Road, Morwell 3840
When:             Thursday 9 April || 1PM – 3PM
Friday 10 April || 10AM – 12NOON & 1PM – 3PM
Saturday 11 April || 10AM – 12NOON & 1PM – 3PM
Tickets:           Free
Ages:               All ages
Wheelchair Accessible

For media enquiries contact 

Catherine French, Polyglot Theatre
0402 63 84 69 | catherine@polyglot.org.au