Polyglot’s July e-news

A small child with long hair and a fringe, wearing a black Polyglot t-shirt, white patterned leggings and stripy socks, is smiling and waving at the camera. She is in a living room with brown carpet, dragging a box by a string. There is a bright pink circle on the left of the image, with the words ‘Polyglot Theatre E News’ in white san serif font.

Thank you for your ongoing support

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported Polyglot during our recent fundraising campaign – we were blown away by your warmth and generosity. We set a modest goal to acknowledge the financial insecurity so many people are facing right now, but incredibly we raised more than double our target. We were also showered with personalised messages of support. Email upon email came in with the words “Be encouraged”, “Love to all”, “Keep up the incredible work” and “Go Polyglot”. We feel so lucky to be surrounded by such a strong, supportive community who are moved to invest in the creative future of children.

This amazing swell of goodwill is helping the whole Polyglot team through Melbourne’s lockdown 2.0. It is a very challenging time, and our hearts are with all Victorians who are navigating the restrictions. As we shared in our last e-newsletter, we were thrilled that Boats was to be included in the Arts Centre Melbourne’s grand re-opening, and subsequently very disappointed that this special event had to be postponed. We value the safety and health of our community above all else, and so we are patiently waiting for the next opportunity to create and play with our audiences. And while we can’t be out and about, the creative cogs are still turning! We have several new projects in development and look forward to bringing you more details soon.

In the first lockdown, we launched Polyglot at home – a fun way for all of us to stay connected, motivated and positive. We challenged the ingenious Polyglot artists to come up with creative activities for kids and their families using simple materials everyone likely has at home. From fabulous recycled costumes to a Vegetable Dance Party, we’re adding to Polyglot at home each week. Today we’re excited to share a brand-new video  Adventures in Dolly’s World. Watch it here. Explore everything else Polyglot at home has to offer here.

To strengthen our connection with the extraordinary adult community that surrounds Polyglot – artists, industry peers, donors, parents and carers – we created Polyglot Spot. It has taken form as a weekly column, and Polyglot staff, artists and Board members are enjoying the challenge of highlighting new and different facets of our work through their writing. Edition #7 went live last Wednesday – read it here.

And lastly, something wonderful we found online to pique your curiosity while working from home. Peer into other parts of the world with WindowSwap. From treetops in Hong Kong to intersections in Copenhagen, and fishponds in Bavaria, you can take a round-the-world trip in between Zoom meetings.

A screenshot of the Polyglot Story Map. It is a depiction of a world map, with the ocean shown as light blue and the countries in white. The names of the countries are in purple font. There are red target points dotted across the map, as well as pink circles with white numbers displayed in the middle. There is a large bright pink circle on the left of the image, with the words 'Add your Polyglot story' in white san serif font.