Polyglot’s May enews – 5678’s Festival Big Shot

Polyglot is on the road both interstate and internationally this month: Paper Planet is currently exciting young forest dwellers at the DreamBIG Festival in Adelaide, and last week our team of construction workers created a thriving metropolis with We Built This City at the EQT Children’s Theater Festival in Pittsburgh. Our Tour Manager Sharyn gives us a glimpse of life on the road with Polyglot and we catch up with one of our local community projects, the 5678 Film Club to find out what exciting films the Collingwood kids are creating this term.

We are also very excited to announce that Polyglot is appearing at the 25th ASSITEJ Korea International Summer Festival in July this year! We’re taking Sticky Maze to Seoul for this awesome festival, then continuing the tour onto Hanam and Ansan. Keep an eye out for the full tour announcement soon!


5678 Film Club – Kids Behind the Camera

5678 Film Club is our exciting film-making project that involves kids from years 5, 6, 7 and 8 working with Polyglot’s experienced filmmakers. 5678 Film Club meets every Wednesday afternoon to write, design and then film the kids’ brilliant and adventurous ideas. The Film Club crew are currently making three different films, all focused on the theme of ‘truth and lies’. One involves skydiving (without a parachute!), another is about a scary gymnastics exam, and the third one is about being stuck in an 80’s time warp! We’re really proud to announce last year’s 5678 film, Flush, has been selected to screen at the Little Big Shots Film Festival at ACMI in June! Congrats to our clever filmmakers!


Polyglot at Showcase Victoria

Join us at this year’s Showcase Victoria, where we’re performing a special FREE session of Boats. We’re going to be joined by children from Lady Gowrie Child Centre and you’re invited too! Aimed at kids from 3 – 12, Boats is an adventurous play space that uses colourful vessels to navigate urban seascapes, and we’ll be on the forecourt of Malthouse Theatre on Thursday 1 June from 9.30-10.30am. No bookings are required!

If you’re attending Showcase Victoria, don’t miss our very own Executive Director, Viv Rosman, who is on the panel for the Victorian Touring Forum “Why is Touring Important & What Will It Look Like in Five Years?”, facilitated by Jonathan Holloway. Wednesday 31 May from 4.30pm to 6.30pm.


On the road with We Built This City!

Ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes on one of our international tours? We spoke to our fabulous Tour Manager Sharyn about the recent Polyglot tour to Pittsburgh, USA where we performed We Built This City in the EQT Children’s Theater Festival.

What’s your background and your role with Polyglot?

For Polyglot, I work as production/tour/stage manager. Outside of Polyglot, I’m a sound artist and interested in understanding culture through a focus of sound-based urban ethnography. Currently, my work is investigating the notion of the sound bite. My partner and I recently renovated a 1983 Millard caravan and turned it into “The Grand Caravan” — a portable purpose-built sound installation and arts venue.

Tell us about the tour to the USA with Polyglot last week!
The tour was eight fantastic days in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA, doing a four-day run of Polyglot’s We Built This City. We worked alongside some amazing children’s theatre makers from the USA, Mexico, Finland, Denmark and Ireland, as part of Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s EQT Children’s Theater Festival. Over those four days of performance, the Polyglot team worked with the wonderful people of Pittsburgh to transform a parking lot into a cardboard wonderland!

Who was there with you?
The exceptional team of performers on this tour were Mischa Long, Tirese Ballard, Christian Bagin and Miami-based Bree-Anna Obst.

Tell us about the highlights and any fun moments!
Pittsburgh is a very easy city to be in! Both the festival venue and our hotel were in the downtown cultural district with plenty of wonderful local food options like the famous Primanti Brothers sandwiches. Here you were given a pastrami sandwich on thick soft Italian bread, with tomatoes and a big handful of ‘slaw and hand cut fries — all smooshed together! Delicious.

Pittsburgh is at the junction of three rivers and is known as the ‘City of Bridges’. On our day off, we hired bikes from the lovely guys at Golden Triangle Bikes, and took off exploring. There are 446 bridges — we didn’t get across them all!

The performances during the festival were very well attended, and the Saturday was our biggest show with 258 builders working together. It was amazing. We all agree, the highlight was the very last session. The weather was unpredictable, with rain predicted everyday but it never came. That was until the last day and the last show! But the people of Pittsburgh were not deterred, they lined up and gave us the best build of the Festival. Tunnels, arches and leaning towers of soggy boxes filled the site, they used every box and smiles were everywhere. Thanks Pittsburgh, we loved it!