Polyglot’s October e-news

A still from the Polyglot at home video ‘Paper Mache Masks.’ Two children sit side-by-side in a hammock in a backyard. One child wears a yellow polo shirt and a round mask that looks like a pumpkin. The other wears a blue and white tunic, and a round mask painted yellow, with love heart eyes. There is a bright pink circle on the left of the image, with the words ‘Polyglot Theatre E News’ in white san serif font.

Departures and connections

Friday 30 October 2020

This month, we bring you some bittersweet news. After five years of outstanding leadership, Polyglot Theatre’s Executive Director and co-CEO Viv Rosman is stepping down at the end of 2020 and returning to Sydney to take up a new role. While all the Polyglot team will miss her greatly, we are excited for her next adventure.

Our Artistic Director Sue Giles AM writes, “The co-CEO relationship in a small to medium theatre company is an intense and pivotal one. When it works well it is brilliant, and Viv is one of the best working partners I’ve ever had. We have always operated together with honesty and deep respect, openness and shared excitement for the future. Viv’s leadership qualities are outstanding and all of us – staff, artists, board and donors – have benefitted from her thoughtful and considered approach. Viv has poured herself into her Polyglot family and we will miss her terribly; for all she’s offered and built and for her quiet, dry fun, her crack of laughter, the warmth of her smile and her love of all things cake-related. We wish her the absolute best in her new role and know that those lucky folks working with her will get a wonderful leader who is dedicated to all that the arts can bring to our world, and the place of children in that vision.”

Viv’s numerous achievements with the company include securing a new home at the Abbotsford Convent, overseeing a substantial increase in the company’s philanthropic supporter base, and leading Polyglot’s 40th birthday fundraising appeal, its most successful to date, which enabled the organisation’s relocation. Read more here.

In September, Voice Lab online had its first outing with Satellite Foundation, an organisation that supports children with parents with mental illness. Voice Lab and Satellite have worked together over several years, and it was fantastic to launch this exciting new project together. Voice Lab spoke to the Satellite community about life, home, school and the lockdown, as well as the Satellite programs they have been involved with. One child noted that the lockdown wasn’t so bad because they could attend school in their pyjamas. Another child said that they enjoyed Satellite’s workshops because, “I could talk my truth and not be judged.” The kids all found Voice Lab to be a welcome outlet for talking about their feelings after being at home for so many weeks. One child thanked Voice Lab saying, “You were very calming, and I’d had a bit of a rough day in the morning, so thank you.”

Voice Lab also travelled to Darwin (virtually) to take part in the City of Palmerston’s Splash Your Ideas Around Family Day. In collaboration with Red Cross – Communities for Children Palmerston and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Voice Lab spoke to local kids about life in their community and what they would do if they were in charge to make Palmerston a great place for kids and families. As all Australians adjust to the new ‘COVID normal’, Voice Lab looks forward to many more important conversations with children around the country. For more information, visit Voice Lab’s webpage.

“I’ve always enjoyed performing in education settings. I like the proximity of the audience, and the intersection of everyday and imaginative spaces. I especially appreciate the small moments of transformation and wonder that occur during these experiences.” Our latest Education News articleThe Theatrical Frame – was written by Jennifer Andersen, and explores how theatrical frameworks can reveal children’s capacity to understand the world. If you’re an educator who’d like to join our Education News list, please send an email to communications@polyglot.org.au. Polyglot Spot also continues to flourish each fortnight with insightful writing contributed by artists, staff and Board members.

Lastly, we are excited to share a brand-new Polyglot at home video with you! Paper Mache Masks was created by Polyglot artist Tamara Rewse and special guest presenters Maeve and Francis, with bop-along music by Lachlan MacLeod. Our Polyglot at home project began as a way for us to stay connected with our community of supporters and provide employment opportunities for our ingenious artists. It has been a privilege to share their quirky creativity with you and with audiences from New York City to Iceland. If you have been inspired by Polyglot at home, or shared it with students, colleagues or friends, please let us know. We’d love to hear which corners of the world this project has reached.

A screenshot of the Polyglot Story Map. It is a depiction of a world map, with the ocean shown as light blue and the countries in white. The names of the countries are in pink font. There are red target points dotted across the map, as well as pink circles with white numbers displayed in the middle. There is a bright pink circle on the left of the image, with the words ‘Add your Polyglot story in white san serif font.