Polyglot’s third 2017 tour to China

Following two successful seasons of Paper Planet in China this year, Polyglot Theatre is taking We Built This City to Jiading, Shanghai in October. The work is appearing for the first time in China, presented by the Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre in Jiading (SHIFT). This third tour to the region is a clear indication that demand in the country for non-traditional, experiential theatre for children is growing.

SHIFT, now in its second year, is an affiliated festival of the 19th China Shanghai International Arts Festival, and is focused on participatory performance experiences for its audiences. SHIFT also coincides with the China Shanghai Performing Arts Fair, an important gathering of Chinese and international performing arts producers and presenters. SHIFT is jointly organized by the Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV of Jiading District, Shanghai and Shanghai Live Dream Culture Development Ltd. Co.

We Built This City is one of Polyglot Theatre’s world-renowned Play Space productions. These works deliver experiences that are spectacular, participatory and one-of-a-kind. They use simple materials and elegant frameworks to allow for instinctive creativity, physical engagement and fun.

We Built This City is one of Polyglot’s most consistently popular touring productions, and has been performed everywhere from Sao Paulo to Singapore, Abu Dhabi to the United States of America. The giant cardboard construction site involves the whole family in building the cities and towns of their dreams. Thousands of cardboard boxes take over the outdoor performance space, and each child’s unique creation reflects the time and place of their immediate culture. What evolves in Shanghai will be entirely different to Sydney. Polyglot artists roam the site, entertaining and engaging with kids building skyscrapers, tunnels and sprawling estates.

“Polyglot Theatre is honoured to be touring to China for a third time in 2017. It is a privilege to be included in the Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre in Jiading, and we look forward to engaging with Shanghai families again. We Built This City is one of our most successful Play Space works, and it is a joy to see it performed with kids and families around the world.” Viv Rosman, Polyglot Theatre Executive Director/co-CEO.

In 2011, Polyglot Theatre’s Muckheap was presented in seven venues over two tours. In 2015, How High The Sky was presented at the Macau Cultural Centre and the Hong Kong International Arts Carnival in one tour across July and August. In 2017, Paper Planet was presented at Shanghai Children’s Art Theatre in February, and toured from SND Cultural and Sport Centre in Suzhou to Huzhou Grand Theatre in August.

We Built This City | Shanghai Interactive Festival of Theatre in Jiading | 20-22 October | Read more

Polyglot’s tour to China is generously supported by the Australian Government through the Australian Cultural Diplomacy Grants Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.