Separation Street

Separation Street is Polyglot’s Green Room Award-winning interactive theatre performance for children and adults, co-created with The Suitcase Royale.

Separation Street tells the story of Frank, who hears a call from the stars and knows it’s his mission to save whoever is out there. In a simple but radical premise, the adults and children in the audience are separated at the beginning of the show. Frank’s story is experienced by both groups at the same time, but along completely different pathways. Separation Street illuminates the relationships between adults and children, and explores notions of power and control, isolation and belonging. This immersive journey is moving, exhilarating and fun.

Separation Street was developed and first presented with the support of Darebin Arts’ Loud Mouth program.


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About The Suitcase Royale

The Suitcase Royale are an atom bomb of pure theatrical, musical and comedy power! The Suitcase Royale are an internationally acclaimed, award winning comedy-music-theatre group from Melbourne, Australia. The company is composed of writer/performers Glen Walton, JOF, Miles O’Neil and writer/director Tom Salisbury. They coined the term ‘Junkyard Theatre’ to describe their work; a seamless combination of image-based theatre, smokin’ hot music and disaster comedy.

Since 2005, The Suitcase Royale have toured extensively throughout the national and international comedy/theatre scene to critical acclaim. They are the recipients of The Best Performance Award – Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Golden Gibbo Award – Melbourne Comedy Festival; they have been awarded two Green Room Awards and were nominated for a Total Theatre Award for Innovation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Most recently The Suitcase Royale were awarded Best Theatre Show at the 2014 New Zealand Festival.

The creative process

Separation Street was developed in a number of creative stages which spanned three years from 2013 – 2015. Polyglot collaborated with a range of groups at each development stage including the Currajong School and Victorian College of The Deaf. Through a series of creative workshops, the students from these schools mapped out worlds – both real and imagined – which were then displayed as a public exhibition. In the final stages of the development, the workshops explored the notions of separation and division; how adults and children experience one journey in two very different ways. This inclusive approach to developing the work allowed for an authentic message to emerge, informed by many voices and perspectives throughout the life of the work.