Sleepy People

We asked Nina, Polyglot Correspondent to join us in the development a new street performance act for Polyglot. It’s a show called Sleepers, or Sleepy People, as Nina likes to call it. Here’s her review!


Sleepy People

I recently saw a new show of Polyglot’s called SLEEPY PEOPLE. I’d already seen the show but it was different the second time.

The first time there was a tent trainer. I was sad when he didn’t appear the second time. He was really funny; he made the tents do tricks. You’re probably are wondering what I’m talking about so let me explain what happens in Sleepy People.

In Sleepy People there are these people who are sleeping, they are walking around sleeping. I thought they were very active for sleeping people. Though they were walking slowly, they were still walking.

Eventually the people get into these little tents then the tents came alive. It was very funny; the tents ran around and hid places. Though I knew the actors were making the tents move it felt like the tents were alive.

I give this show 5/5 stars! Because it’s creative, interactive and fun!

Nina, Polyglot Correspondent out!

We’ll have more details about Sleepers soon. Stay tuned.