A lot of Pugh in puppets

27 Cromwell Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141, Polyglot Puppet Theatre 1994
Polyglot Theatre

REVIEW – Digger’s Mate, Herald Sun, Tuesday 12 April, 1994

Written by Ross Brundrett and Philippa Murray

When Clifton Pugh illustrated the children’s book Digger’s Mate, he drew himself on the cover as the smiling Man on the Moon. Now that the book has been adapted by Australia’s biggest full-time puppet theatre, the production team likes to think the deceased artist is still looking down, and smiling.

“The set design is based very much on Clifton’s illustrations…which is what Clifton would have liked, he was very committed to the story,” said Di Edwards, publicist for the Polyglot Puppet Theatre.

Helen Lunn wrote the play, based on the true story of a baby wombat found in the pouch of her dead mother and raised by Joyce Wilson in Foster.

It is being shown at the theatre, 27a Cromwell Rd, South Yarra, at 11am and 1.30pm each day until Saturday (phone 827-9667).