Ants Take Over Brazil!

SESC Pompeia Sao Paolo, SESC Pompeia 2016

In 2016 we had our first gig in Brazil!
We took Ants (and We Built This City) to the bustling city of Sao Paolo, flying in to a highly charged political environment where the streets were full of anti-corruption protesters calling for the impeachment of the countries current president.
Thankfully our ants were less controversial, and we had an amazing time performing at the SESC Pompeia, a beautifully angular cultural hub in the remains of a redeveloped oil barrel factory. It was the perfect location for the ants to inhabit, with the concrete and brick structures reminiscent of insect nests & bee hives.
The children of Sao Paolo came out in force to welcome our ants and played with an energy and vigour that was amazing to behold. They often followed us all the way back to our dressing room, crumbs in hand. This tour also marked one of the hottest and most sweaty gigs that the ants had embarked on thus far.