Baggy trousers falls for Singlet girl

North Melbourne Town Hall, North Melbourne Town Hall 2004
Polyglot Theatre

REVIEW – Baggy Pants, Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday 4 July, 2004

Written by Charlotte, aged 11

Baggy Pants is a love story with a difference. I will set scene because the story can be hard to follow.

It is all about clothes. You know that from the moment you walk in to the North Melbourne Town Hall. Even the entrance curtain is made from strips of clothes and there are garments scattered across the stage.

I liked that little kids were encouraged to sit right up the front, near the performers. They must have liked it too, because at least a hundred sat through the entire hour without making too much noise. My mum said that was pretty good.

The star is Baggy Pants, who befriends Singlet and then has to search for her when she is swept away by a fluorescent coat hanger.

I told you it was different.

Without giving too much away, there is a happy ending when Baggy Pants and Singlet are reunited after a strange journey that sees them introduced to clothes with attitude: over-sized basketball singlets and track pants (obviously belonging to teenagers); baby grow suits, which show off some clever tricks; clothes belonging to football fans.

I really liked the fur coat that must have belonged to an opera singer (the singing gives it away), but my favourite character was the city monster who, to me, looked more like a teenager in high red boots. She is cool.

We follow Baggy Pants as he tries to find Singlet through a nightie forest, a mountain where the babies hang out and finally to the dangerous city where the monster rules.

Baggy Pants was created by the Polyglot Puppet Theatre, with the help of primary school students who were part of a special workshop.

This way, the writers learned of the real relationship young children have with their clothes and what they want their clothes to say about them.

I thought Baggy Pants was clever and entertaining and recommend it for kids of all ages. I went with my little sister Alexandra, 7, and although she didn’t always follow the story, she liked a lot of the characters and she sat still the whole way through.

It is good holiday entertainment.

The season runs Tuesday to Saturday (10.30am and 1.30pm) until July 10 at North Melbourne Town Hall.