How High the Sky?

Launceston TAS, Australia, Junction Arts Festival 2011

2011 was a big year for Polyglot, with the premiere seasons of Tangle and Paper Planet, but also the development of Polyglots’s first work for the very young – How High The Sky.

We took HHTS to the Junction Arts Festival in Launceston to test ideas with helium filled balloons and streamers. One of the most beautiful moments in the show was when all the adults momentarily stepped out of the space, leaving the baby audience behind, and we all got to observe these tiny humans on their own as a community of individuals.

During our tech day we were suddenly called to evacuate the theatre when the fire alarm went off. We all made our way out and down the street.

“How annoying”, we said, as we waited to be let back inside to continue our setup. “Probably just a false alarm. Now we’re losing our tech day!”

Turns out one of our helium balloons had floated up to the ceiling and tripped a fire sensor. Oops!