Jurassic outing for this inquisitive tot

Centre Lavington, 2013
Polyglot Theatre

ARTICLE – The Border Mail, 2013

Written by Sarah Dean

A well-known song suggests to “never smile at a crocodile” but this Albury youngster thought she would try her luck with a T-Rex dinosaur.

Tooth and Claw, a dinosaur puppet show from Melbourne, delighted children and parents alike at Centre Lavington yesterday.

The two large puppets will again be greeting customers today as part of a school holiday program.

‘Most kids love them but for some it’s a bit too real,” puppeteer Stefanie Robinson said yesterday.

“The dinosaurs enjoy getting their nose scratched and try their best not to eat people.”

“The parents were getting into it just as much as the kids.”

There will be three 30-minute performances today at 11.30am, 12.30pm and 2pm.