Polyglot floods Orange County

california USA, Segerstrom Centre Orange Country 2013

We Built This City at the Segestrom Centre in Orange County – a place where the skies are blue and the weather is always meant for beaches and boating. Where people wear white and have sun tans. Unless of course, you invite Polgylot Theatre to do an outside work at your arts centre.
I arrived after our team who had spent two days setting up ( our PM hadn’t arrived yet – flight delays..) but when they drove me past the site to see their beautiful work, the wind had erupted, and the cardboard genius was scattered across the emerald lawns. The next day it rained and rained and rained. Water accumulated to the point that cardboard boxes were floating across the site. Our presenter – ever positive and the nicest person in the world – called it the Polyglot Lake: a new feature for the region. Needless to say we did the season – on a drier part of the Arts Centre grounds – with all the energy and mayhem that local kids could bring to it. What an awesome team that season: Bree-Anna Obst, Mischa Long, Keira Lyons, Lachlan Macleod and Bron Pringle with her first Polyglot PM trip. Bron still works with us as lighting designer and tech goddess – just don’t mention We Built This City!