Polyglot of puppetry

Port Macquarie, 2013
Polyglot Theatre

ARTICLE – Muckheap, The Port Macquarie Independent, 16 May 2013

Families will be treated to a fun and interactive theatre show in Port Macquarie next month.

Muckheap has been an international hit for Polyglot since premiering in 2001, touring across Australia and playing everywhere from Sydney Opera House to Singapore, the USA and the Shanghai International Children’s Theatre Festival – where it was performed in Mandarin-Chinese.

Muckheap is about two people packing up their house for ‘the big move’ and this year’s tour has themes of recycling and reusing junk.

It combines puppetry, physical theatre and comedy to be as relevant as ever.

Finding all their hoarded junk to interesting and entertaining to throw away, the characters in Muckheap cope with their giant mess by throwing themselves into a story, illustrated with whatever comes to hand.

What emerges is the story of Jacky and the Beanstalk…with a twist that parallels their own situation.

The talented Muckheap performers are experts at telling their audience the funny and fantastically messy stories that have delighted children and families across the world.

The well-travelled and well-loved Polyglot classic is a highly physical and energetic show and will have its last hurrah in this 2013 Australian tour.

Muckheap will perform at the Glasshouse in Port Macquarie on Tuesday, June 11.

There will be performances at 10am and noon, followed by a workshop at 1.45pm.