Seoul Shopping Centre

Garden 5 Shopping Centre, South Korea, Garden 5 Shopping Centre, South Korea 2013

The Tangle team were getting used to being in South Korea, our hosts had shown us around to the best restaurants in town and we had a great day off touring around the city. When we set up in the huge atrium of the Garden 5 Shopping Centre we were wondering what people would think about the colourful Tangle web taking over the space. Once we had set up we saw that people were starting to mill around waiting for the show to begin! We had a really energetic groups of participants leaping, bouncing and tangling all day!

There was a bonus to performing at this huge shopping centre was that we got to do a little shopping in the breaks! I recall finding a small second hand store deep in the basement of the shopping centre, the shop keeper had a few vinyl records and he suggested a few South Korean folk singers I should check out, I bought a couple of records and they are great, I still listen to them every now and then and think about that small shop in the basement!