“Totally and utterly overwhelmed in the best kind of way”

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Lincoln Center Plaza, Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival 2012

Tangle. New York City. 2012. We had a huge group of school holiday kids come through, and we had been dealing with a really interesting cultural dynamic of a lot of kids not knowing how you free-play without instruction. So this one kid with a strong New York accent spent the start of the session shouting “I can’t handle it! I just can’t handle it!” from the moment he saw the tangle. Totally and utterly overwhelmed in the best kind of way. Through the session he eventually found his way and had the most excellent of times. Then, as he was walking away with the other kids back to school he stopped & yelled back to me, “Hey guy! I handled that!” so proud of himself. And he most certainly had handled it.