Wordless Ants left me speechless and still do!

Swanston St & Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Federation Square 2014

I remember sitting in Fed square polishing off a hot miso soup at Chocolate Buddha when something on the big screen caught my eye. The screen showed giant human sized ants passing bread crumb cushions to young children, the ants spoke no words to the children yet huge spirals and long lines developed across the Fed square cobble stones with hundreds of these crumbs. I watched in awe as the kids quickly developed a way of communicating with the ants. My miso soup went cold, I sent a quick email to this ‘Polyglot Theatre Company’ and for three and a half years I’ve been working with the wonderful people at Polyglot and still watch the Ants in astonishment (even though I have to do their laundry).