Tangle WEAVE in Shepparton

Polyglot Theatre returns to Shepparton this autumn with Tangle WEAVE, a cultural exchange project between Afghani women from Kildonan Uniting Care and local Shepparton schools facilitated by Polyglot through their unique process of contemporary art making.

Over the next five weeks Polyglot will work with these women and their children to create an interactive artwork.  With this project the social fabric of Shepparton will be enriched by an experience the whole city can be part of and take part in. The women will present their artworks as part of Harmony Day at the Emerge Festival, Saturday 21 March.

“This is an exciting time for Polyglot to be in Shepparton. We are laying the ground work during this project to open up communities, invite participation and understanding from the broader Shepparton public. We have some strong connections here built on a bedrock of collaboration. Engagement from services, local traders, business and philanthropists in social revitalisation and empowerment of the community is vital for the continuation of these projects.” says Tamara Rewse, Polyglot Artist. The region is host to over 1200 Afghani people, a majority of which have refugee background.

Exploring new territory with these women, Polyglot is piloting this creative project aimed at generating stronger community connections. Tangle WEAVE is tactile and active, evoking connection and storytelling. The act of art making also provides space to play, opening the mind to a different way of thinking about the every day.

Kildonan CEO, Stella Avramopolous says “mothers attending the multicultural playgroup will actively engage with their children in an activity which can strengthen bonds and improve family relationships – this is particularly important for some of these families who may have experienced previous separation as a result of high risk or difficult situations.”

Upon the success of this pilot, Polyglot aims to extend this experience, the stories and art-marking to wider communities in Shepparton, and across the state.

Tangle WEAVE is supported by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, the Grosvenor Foundation and the Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust.

EVENT: Tangle WEAVE @ Emerge Festival

WHERE: Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton | Kildonan UnitingCare Marquee

DATE: Saturday 21 March 2015



For further information:

Catherine French | Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Polyglot Theatre
catherine@polyglot.org.au | + 61 3 9826 3301

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