Voice Lab e-news – October

A child sits at a small desk, speaking with Voice Lab online via an iPad. They have blonde hair and their back is to the camera. There are notebooks, picture books and a map on the desk, with drawings and notes stuck to the wall above it. There is a bright pink circle on the left of the image, with the words ‘Polyglot Theatre Voice Lab E News’ in white san serif font.

“I could talk my truth and not be judged.”

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Voice Lab e-news. We hope that you’ll enjoy reading about the ways Voice Lab is being used by our partners in local government and the social services sector to listen to children and effect positive change.


In response to COVID-19, the Voice Lab team has developed an online version of our unique creative installation module for collecting the thoughts and opinions of children. The online version offers kids the opportunity to reflect on change and uncertainty, and to begin to process the pandemic’s impact on their sense of the world and themselves. In this period of isolation and disconnection it is vital that children have their voices heard and valued. You’ll find an information sheet about the online mode on the Voice Lab webpage.


In September, the new online mode had its first outing with Satellite Foundation, an organisation that supports children with parents with mental illness. Voice Lab and Satellite have worked together over several years, and it was fantastic to launch this exciting new project with them. Voice Lab spoke to the Satellite community about life, home, school and the lockdown, as well as the Satellite programs they have been involved with. One child noted that the lockdown wasn’t so bad because they could attend school in their pyjamas. Another child said that they enjoyed the Satellite workshops because, “I could talk my truth and not be judged.” The kids all found Voice Lab to be a welcome outlet for talking about their feelings after being at home for so many weeks. One child thanked Voice Lab saying, “You were very calming, and I’d had a bit of a rough day in the morning, so thank you.” Voice Lab is looking forward to speaking with more Satellite kids at the end of October.
This weekend, Voice Lab is heading (virtually) to Darwin to take part in the City of Palmerston’s Splash Your Ideas Around Family Day. In collaboration with Red Cross – Communities for Children Palmerston and Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, Voice Lab will talk to local kids about life in their community and what they would do if they were in charge to make Palmerston a great place for kids and families.


If you are interested in discussing ways to use Voice Lab in your organisation, school, consultation or program, please contact:

Lexie Wood, Project Manager – Voice Lab     
E: lexie@polyglot.org.au